Sunday, January 18, 2009

Home, Sweet Home!

We made it back last night. A ten hour trip that went relatively well. Jayden didn't protest as loudly this time. Maybe he knew that we were finally going back to a familiar place.

On Thursday, I took advantage of having my hubby back and went to Idaho Falls to visit a friend. We went to Outback for dinner and went to see Marley and Me(cute movie, but of course, the book was better). After I had paid for our tickets to the movie, we bought our snacks and went to find our seats. I was going to turn off my phone when I noticed a text message from my husband saying that he needed me to come home as soon as I could because Jayden was inconsolable and Kyrie was coughing a lot. I texted him back saying that even if I did leave right then, I wouldn't be home for two hours. I told him to put Jayden in his bed and let him cry for a while and give Kyrie a cough drop to suck on. I got a text back saying that things were fine- the kids had calmed down and my mom was back home.

I know he had been nervous when I left because of the sick kids and the unfamiliarity of our surroundings. I talked to my friend and sister about it later. It seems like maybe it's a guy thing. Do they underestimate themselves when it comes to child-rearing? I know my husband is only really comfortable with the older kids. I told him earlier that he could give Jayden a bath to help calm him before bedtime. His response? "I don't bathe Jayden. I never have." It's the same as bathing the older two. He's perfectly capable of doing it. He gives the older two baths every Saturday night when I'm out scrapbooking with my friend. Maybe I need to stop letting him rely so much on me when it comes to the kids. It's hard to do when you are a SAHM, though. Most of the parenting responsibilities fall on me.

I do love the guy to death, though. He's a good dad. I'm just contemplating how I raise my boys. I think I need to help develop their nurturing side. I think Jayden will be an awesome nurturer. He likes to play with Kyrie's dolls and carries them very sweetly, rocks them, pats their back and gives them kisses(before maybe throwing them on the ground. We'll have to work on that a bit more. ;)).

Anyway, I'm glad to be home. We came back to a lot of mail- including a HUGE package! One of Mark's contacts from his convention sent a Rock Band 2 for the Wii. I have no clue where we are going to store it yet, and our living room is still filled with boxes and suitcases because I've been feeling to sick to unpack, but hopefully things will settle a little bit more in the next week.


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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Missing Home

On the 3rd of January, we loaded up our van with three kids, two adults, and all of our paraphernalia and made the long, 10 hour drive to my old hometown of Pocatello, Idaho. Besides the frightening fishtailing we did in the mountain pass, and our youngest one protesting loudly during the final two hours, the trip went off without too much of a hitch.

I've been trying to stay strong the last seven days while my husband was off in Vegas playing with cool gadgets and electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show. What a fun job he has, right?

Anyway, it hasn't been easy. My little ones have caught colds. I'm also sick. My 20 month old decided to pull an all-nighter the other night. It wouldn't have been too bad if he hadn't spent the night screaming and crying inconsolably. Poor thing. He's sleeping better now, so that's good. I'm trying to not let my cranky grandmother get to me. My mom lives with her and takes care of her, so for free room and board, I can put up with it, but it's hard. She yells at the kids- even if they aren't doing anything. She is losing her memory and gets confused and upset easily. I think my mom is a saint for all that she puts up with day after day. I joked around with my mom that she had better not be like Grandma if she plans on living with us when she gets old. ;) My mom doesn't have a working computer, so internet options are very limited(and I'm having withdrawals ;). Yesterday was my birthday, and my husband wasn't here to celebrate it with me. Aunt Flo did come for a visit, though. No wonder I've been an emotional wreck! I got a lovely burn on my hand the other day from the stove- right after my mom poured boiling water on her hand. I told her that I was trying to follow her example.

There have been some good times, too, so I can't say it's all bad. We have had fun hanging with my sister and the kids love playing with their cousin. I got to try out their WII fit, and I'm convinced that we need to add that to our collection. I have become addicted to Sudoku- thanks to my mom. My husband came back today and brought a bunch of fun stuff that he was given at the convention. He gave me a bluetooth headset for my birthday. I've been wanting one of those for a while. Now I get to look like a looney- walking around and talking to myself. My mom's 2 Great Danes and 3 Chihuahuas have been a great source of entertainment. So has the satellite cable. A lot more viewing options than we have at home with our basic. I'll have the opportunity to visit with my childhood friend of 27 years on Thursday. All by myself. No kids attached to me.

I really do look forward to heading home at the end of the week. Maybe not the long drive, but going back to the comforts of home. When we get back, I hope to add some pictures, but I won't make any promises because I have failed a bit on my blog recently!

Happy 2009 to everyone! Hope it's an awesome year!