Friday, August 20, 2010

Squirrel in my Bag and Snake in the Sink!

Today we went to a park for an outing with people from Parents as Teachers. We grabbed lunch from McDonalds because I forgot that we were out of bread. After it was over, I grabbed my bag which contained a few leftover fries and set it on the grass while the kids continued to play on the playground. When we were getting ready to go, I told Kyrie to go get the bag. She came back with,"Mom! There's a squirrel in the bag!"

We sat and watched for a while.

It found the french fries! Moments later it went back down and came up with a ketchup packet! Guess it wanted a little ketchup to go with the fries!

Late tonight, I decided to make a trip to the gym. When I got there, I used the restroom and started to wash my hands. I got my heart rate up before I even stepped on the treadmill when this snake came up out of the drain! I let out a scream! I didn't bother to reach over and turn off the water. There were two guys and two other girls working out. I told them about the snake in the sink, so we all gathered around the bathroom and stood there watching it. One girl told me that the manager had tried to get the snake out earlier, but was unsuccessful(Thanks for the warning!). We called the manager, but she was in bed and didn't want to come down, so she said if no one was going to get it, we could shut the door and leave a note about the bathroom being out of order.

For some reason, I decided to put on a brave face and pick the snake up and carry it outside. I don't know why- maybe I was afraid of it coming out under the door or something. Anyway, I hope it stays outside now and enjoys it's freedom.

And that was my experience with wildlife- twice in the same day!