Monday, October 3, 2011

Update on Jayden

Jayden has been back in HeadStart for a few weeks now. I try to get the older kids' schoolwork done as much as possible in the morning while he is gone because he really wants our attention in the afternoon.

He's growing more and more each day, it seems. This picture brought tears to my eyes because it's the first time he has drawn more than squiggles, and he actually copied the teacher as she drew the picture next to him.

I got a letter from his doctor about the results from his MRI and bloodwork. Both were normal. The doctor said that kids on the autism spectrum usually got normal results on the MRI scan and blood tests. She wasn't ruling out autism- just ruling out anything else that might have been an issue.

In other good news, Jayden potty trained this summer! For a while I was skeptical that it would happen. He had issues with #2, but he did overcome with bribes of some Cars 2 toys. ;) He does wear a diaper at night, but he's been waking up dry many days, so we might finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My daughter turns 9 this month, so we have been seeing about 9 straight years of diapers without any breaks.

I'm realizing that I haven't done much updates on the rest of my family, so I'll try to do a post later, but it's time to do some schoolwork with the kids!