Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Weeks 2010

Since my grandmother died on February 4th(more on that in the next post), I had to make an emergency trip down to the Bay Area for her funeral. Kyrie was bummed because she had wanted to do a Valentine's Day party, and I wouldn't be here for Valentine's Day. I promised her that we would have a party when I got back.

I got back on the 17th, and had to work at the basketball game on the 18th, so on the 19th, we decorated sugar cookies, the kids made cards, we had more sugar, and I made red Kool-Aid with heart shaped ice cubes.

I have been remiss on getting photo shoots done on holidays(the only pictures I got at Christmas were candids), so I decided I should do some Valentine's Day shots. No pictures of Jayden since I haven't been able to get a picture of him sitting still since he was about six months old. :P

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Now I am Six

But now I am Six,
I'm as clever as clever,
So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Isaiah Boy!
He had a fun party today with a couple of friends. Playing Legos and watching Cars. What more could a bunch of a little boys want?