Friday, February 13, 2009

Hap-Pea anniversary!

I got this little badge today on a message board I frequent- It's primarily a scrapbooking site, but over the past seven years(as of today-February 12th) that I have been a member, I talk less scrapbooking, and more on everyday life. It's a great source of entertainment. Many dramatic battles on religion, politics, parenting, and even shopping carts. It's a good place to go to find out the answer to any question you might have. Sure, there's Google, but ask a question at 2peas, and you can quickly find many BTDT(been there, done that) responses.

It's a site that has really broadened my perspective on life in many ways. People from all races, religions, nationalities, upbringings, etc. post their thoughts and perspectives. I really have gleaned a lot from this place.

Because the board is made up of human beings, there have been some conflicts and strife. There has been many an eyebrow-raising moment. But then, the goodness shines through when people unite to support someone going through a difficult time, too.

I'm proud to call myself a Pea.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Where oh where is...

the USB cord for my camera? I can't upload any pictures until I find it! When I do find it, there will be pictures of Isaiah's birthday party- including the fantastic(okay, I'm exaggerating)Lego cake I made. And today Isaiah requested that I take pictures of him and his new scooter.

If you were a USB cord, where would you be? Besides the obvious- computer desk!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Isaiah!

My little man is five today! The time sure does fly!

This past year, he has grown into a little Wii prodigy. He's really good at playing Lego Batman and Wii Sports. The kid amazes me.

He's also getting really good at reading. He reads along with Kyrie and me when we are doing her Language Arts assignments. When he starts school in the Fall, I will start him off in the 1st grade level for L.A. Today he also started working on Kyrie's old 1st grade Math workbook. He was doing really well with the addition and subtraction and knowing greater than/less than.

Random facts about Isaiah(according to him today):
favorite color:blue
favorite food: ice cream, ham and cheese sandwiches, fruity cereal
favorite animal: elephant
favorite toy: Batmobile, Legos, puzzles

Height: 3' 7"
Weight:40 lbs

Height at birth: 21 inches
Weight at birth: 9 lbs

See this blog entry from last year for a slideshow and comparison of last year!
Love ya, little guy! Don't grow up too fast!!!