Sunday, January 24, 2010

Idaho Vandal Humanitarian Bowl Celebration

Today I got to dust off my trombone, and play with the Idaho Vandal Marching Band in the parade to celebrate the Humanitarian Bowl win. It was very foggy and it had snowed the night before, but that didn't stop the celebration! We marched from downtown Moscow to the Kibbie Dome while playing Go Vandals.

*Sidenote- I took a strength training class at Snap Fitness, where I'm now a member- thanks to the wonderful Christmas gift a friend gave me(She had an ulterior motive- she wanted a workout partner). Anyway, in the class they talked about all the reasons you would want to strength train. One of the reasons was to improve your ability to play an instrument. They weren't kidding! I had forgotten how hard it is to march and play at the same time- especially when going uphill. That, and the cold weather, and my lungs were burning!

When we made it to the Kibbie Dome, we played some more, and they had autograph signing, a speech by the football coach-Robb Akey, and a chance to take pictures of the trophy. The mascot, Joe Vandal was standing by the trophy, and people were taking pictures. I was going to take a picture of him by the trophy, but he stopped me. He held his hands out, and motioned for me to give me the camera. He handed it to someone else, and I got my picture taken with the trophy and Joe Vandal. I would post pictures from today, but the camera is in the van at the moment, and I'm too tired to go out and get it. So pictures will have to wait.

Aside from feeling like an old phogey today(I believe all the band members were current ones- with the exception of a few Jr. High/High school kids that joined us for the day), it was a pretty fun time, and I enjoyed the opportunity to show pride in my Alma Mater.

Oh, and I was on the news! I'm the 2nd trombone from the right wearing my new Vandal beanie. I don't know why they didn't put footage of us playing. Certainly more interesting than watching us saunter down the road. ;) You'll have to click on the video that says,"Moscow Celebrates Vandal Football Day." Yes, the Idaho governor declared the 23rd of January to be Vandal Football Day. Mark it on your calendars, folks!


Shellie Paparazzo said...

We have our own holiday! We really are moving up in the world!

Lara said...

I love that you went back for that! So fun!