Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

If you want to see all 63 photos I took of the day, you can click on this!

We had an excellent 4th of July. Went to church in the morning. In the afternoon, we attended the parade:

This is my favorite picture!

After the parade, I put the final touches on the raspberry pretzel jello salad that I had prepared the night before for the party we were attending that night. Note to self:Spray whipped cream might be convenient, but it will surely melt and run later on.

Later that evening we left for the party that was a few blocks down the lake from us. The neighbors were setting off a lot of fireworks, and Jayden was very overwhelmed by it all. I think it was partially due to the fact that he was tired, but Mark decided to take him home and put him to bed.

Isaiah and I took a little boat ride on the lake before they shut it down for the fireworks. It was pretty smoky coming back to the dock because of all the fireworks being ignited. The man next to Isaiah is Captain Ken. He is a sailboat enthusiast. After we got back to shore, he taught Isaiah how to tie knots. They really bonded.

Kyrie and Isaiah were the only kids at the party, so a lady there gave them all her sparklers to play with and we got to play with some personal fireworks.

At 10:00, they shot off the fireworks over the lake. It wasn't as big a show as last year, though.

It didn't matter too much because we got to enjoy all the other fireworks that the neighbors were setting off. ;)

Happy 234th birthday, America!


Casey Wright said...

Awe - your pictures are beautiful - I especially love the firework pictures - TFS!

Heidi said...

You got some great pics! I wish we lived by water! Darn desert anyway!

glitzen said...

You got some great photos! I took a TON of photos this year too. I'm making a digital scrapbook today, in fact, since its (another) rainy day.

Katie said...

Looks like you had a good time, even if your little one did have to head home early. How neat it must be to have a community that puts on that kind of show!