Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our Year in Review Pt. 1

Another year is nearing an end, and as usual, I have failed to mail out Christmas cards, so consider this my Christmas card/newsletter to all.


We took our yearly trip down to Pocatello, and Mark down to Vegas so he could go to CES, and we could visit my mom and sister.  We were happy to make it there and back with no stops at the hospital this year.  I also got to meet my new baby niece!
This picture was taken on the way home


Isaiah turned 9

Kyrie made the front page of our local paper

Isaiah landed himself in the hospital with intestinal issues

Got out of the hospital to win 1st place in Bible Quizzing for AWANA
Isaiah also earned his Bear


Kyrie's GS Troop had Greece for World Thinking Day

Yuki did eat Jayden's homework

Jayden learned to zip his coat by himself- thanks to Occupational Therapy!

The kids went green for St. Patrick's Day

Kyrie sold Girl Scout Cookies

The end of March was complaining about the snow we were getting, and counting down the days for my trip to Hawaii!

Jayden's flat self made it to Hawaii before I did
Easter was fun, too!
Especially with our church having an Easter Egg hunt from eggs dropped by a helicopter!

Well, that concludes part one of the year in review.  I hope to do four parts with 3 months in each part to split it up a bit.  Hope you enjoyed seeing January through March!

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