Sunday, April 12, 2009

Grace on the Highway

Warning, long post ahead:

Yesterday I packed the 3 kids up in the van and went on a little excursion. Our first stop was an indoor egg hunt at a local "mall." Thank goodness for indoor, because it was pouring outside. We got there later than we did last year because I had Jayden with us, and I didn't think he could wait very quietly for more than 15 minutes. So, we ended up near the back, but not too far back.

The egg hunt was supposed to be for kids 5 and under, so I told Kyrie that she could help Jayden. There wasn't much to help with, though. By the time we got through there, the kids found 3 eggs each. I was kind of ticked off to see some older kids with big gallon buckets full of eggs- even though there were a few reminders before the egg hunt started that the eggs were for the little kids. Oh well. Some kind grown-up saw Isaiah's measly trio of eggs and gave him a golden egg that he could trade in for a little goody bag of trinkets. I told the kids that we had plenty of eggs and candy at home. We did win a cake in the cake walk, and also a porcelain egg that Isaiah got to paint. It will be fired up at The Wild Art, and we'll be picking it up in a couple of weeks.

After the egg hunt, we got back in the car, and started down the highway towards Lewiston to hunt down some easter outfits and maybe get pictures taken of the kids. We were rocking out to a Veggie Tales CD, and I had failed to look down at my spedometer- until I saw two cop cars parked in the median. SHOOT! I glanced at my speed, and saw that I was over the 65 mph speed limit. I hit the breaks, but it was too late, I looked in my rear-view mirror and prayed that they wouldn't follow me. No such luck. They were behind me a few seconds, and I signaled to change lanes. Dang. They changed lanes, too, and on went the lights.

I've been pulled over twice before- once for having expired license tabs, and another for a headlight out. Both times I cried. It's just the way I am. I'm sure cops hate it when people cry, and it sure is embarrassing for me. By the way, I did get a ticket for the expired tabs, and I like to blame it on my husband because he's the one who takes care of those things. ;)

So, back to the present moment. I handed him my license and registration. "Do you know how fast you were going?"
"I'm sorry. I know I was going over the speed limit."
"You were going 79 in a 65."


I'm searching through my glove box to find a current proof of insurance. I start getting really shaky, and the flood gates start to open up when I can't find it anywhere.

"Are you alright? What's wrong? I don't understand why you are crying."

Hmmm. Maybe it's because I know I'm about to get an expensive ticket?

So, I got an object lesson in God's grace. I totally deserved the speeding ticket- the penalty for my crime. The police officer explains to me that he doesn't usually give warnings, and he hates when people cry to try to get out of tickets. I assured him that wasn't the case. He lectures me on the importance of driving safely- especially with kids in the car, and I promise to be careful in the future. He checked my record to make sure I hadn't had any other incidents in the past. I guess it checked out okay because he sent me on my way(after lecturing me again and making sure that I was okay to drive since I was still crying. I avoided a ticket that I wouldn't have really been able to afford. I am so thankful!

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. I found some outfits for the kids, but let me say that I wasn't overly excited with the choices I had to pick from. Nothing like what I saw in the ads that made me want to drive 45 minutes to get a good deal. I guess such is life. I wish they had more dressy outfits for boys, though. I couldn't find much at K-Mart or Wal-Mart for Jayden and Isaiah, so I ended up going with matching polos and khaki pants.

We didn't get the pictures done, either. By the time we got the kids' outfits picked up, Jayden was rubbing his droopy eyes, and as I passed the portrait studio, and buckled him up in his seat, he proceeded to nod off immediately.


Anonymous said...

I'm pleased that you didn't get a ticket, but it peeves me a bit when men such as that cop act like women deliberately make themselves cry to get out of things. Anyone who has difficulty keeping the tears in when stressed KNOWS that crying rarely gets you sympathy and more often gets you a lecture on Acting Your Age or whatever.

I once got out of a speeding ticket, not because I was crying (miraculously, I wasn't), but because the officer was called to an emergency before he could write me up. He actually said something like, "Miss, this is your lucky day, because there's an assault in progress a couple blocks from here. Bye." Maybe it was MY lucky day, but not someone else's...

I hope you guys had a lovely Easter in spite of those grubby older kids making off with the lion's share of the eggs! Sheesh, some people's children. I'm so glad you're instilling the niece and nephews with excellent manners and consideration for others' feelings.


Shellie Paparazzo said...

I hate that when people act as if you're just crying to get out of something. I've even seen women talk to people like that. It pisses me off.

bbartlett said...

Your blog is so cute. My husband is a cop and he had to give a ticket to a soccer mom because his supervisor was right there. He said he felt so bad he wouldn't ever do it again, even if they were speeding. I though that was cute of him. Your kids are adorable. I enjoyed reading your blog :)

Nancy said...

Just stopping in from 2Peas .... great blog!! I'll be back! Nancy aka Crop Creator.

UnseasonablyWarm said...

It could be worse! I got a ticket on March 9th for an 84 in a 65. It was in between Phoenix and Vegas (south of Kingman) and the cop was not nice about it. About a year ago, I got pulled over for a similar speed, but luckily that cop was nice and he just gave me a warning. Oh well.

Cynthia said...

I admire you for being willing to venture out like that when the kids are still so young. It's so HARD. Every little thing takes 3 times longer than it should.

I'm glad you avoided the ticket. I start freaking out and stammering- though I've only been pulled over 2 times in my 20 years of driving.

The last time I got a ticket (3 years ago) was kind of sad. I had my neice's 10 year old daughter in the car (neice is a drug addict/ pusher). She was the one who told me I had a cop following me and when I freaked out said, "You just pull over to the side so they can talk to you. It's no big deal, my Mom gets pulled over all the time". Yeah, I bet! (don't worry- the little girl has been removed from niece's custody and is being raised by Grandma). Yowza!

Oh- and thanks for adding a follower button. It makes it so much easier to keep track of blogs I like to read that way.

Frances said...

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the kind words at my blog! You are such a great storyteller...I read every post! I'll be visiting.