Friday, May 7, 2010

3 year check-up

I took Jayden to his 3 year well-child visit. I was kind of apprehensive about the visit today. I know that Jayden doesn't like anyone messing with him. I have to sit on him to brush his teeth. Hair cuts are not fun. I didn't expect today to be any better. It wasn't. He didn't want the pulse oximeter on his finger. He struggled when they were taking his temperature. We were already off to a bad start. If you are a faithful blog reader, you will know that the tears come too easily for me sometimes. I was already tearing up when the nurse took us to the room. We talked about my concerns with Jayden- mostly about how he was behind his peers in speech. Jayden played with the fun toys they had in the room- happy and seemingly oblivious to what was going on.

The dr. came in later, and we talked for a little while. We went over the things that he does say- fortunately, I had been compiling a list, and he was impressed with the fact that he identifies shapes, colors, letters, numbers, and even some words that he can read. He watched Jayden playing with the IPod Touch and commented on his fine motor skills. The doctor put my mind a little more at rest when he said that he was less concerned about Jayden's speech than I was. He did a quick check of Jayden(and Jayden showed him exactly how much he dislikes being messed with).

We will be going back in a few months to see if there has been more progress, but I have already enrolled Jayden in Headstart for the upcoming year. He will have access to a Speech Therapist there, and I'm hoping that having a little more interaction with peers his age will be helpful.

When we got home, I took his carseat out of the car. He has reached the 35 lb limit for rear-facing in his seat, so we'll be turning him around now. We have chosen to keep him rear-facing for an extended period because studies have shown it to be safer and more effective than forward-facing. I used this opportunity to wash the car seat cover(that thing was dang hard to remove), and now I will have to go re-install the seat so it will be ready for Mark to take the kids out tomorrow(I will be working crowd control for graduation all day). But here are a couple of obligatory pictures.

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Michelle Ann said...

You know once he has talking down, he maybe a little more cooperative with getting messed with. :0) Since he will be able to use words instead of screams. That is awesome about how well he is doing with everything else, you are an awesome teacher momma!