Monday, May 10, 2010

Why You Haven't Seen a Picture of Our Whole Family Together For a Couple of Years

I'd like to present exhibit A.
Just barely sit down and Jayden already proceeds to kick off one shoe and struggle. I try tickling him, but it's not helping. Isaiah doesn't look at the camera.

Exhibit B:
Isaiah looks at the ground while Jayden goes for the other shoe. Mark's smile starts to slowly fade.

Exhibit C:

Isaiah still looks away. Jayden is still not happy. Mark says,"Okay, we've had enough." Kyrie still has her pose.

So my apologies to my aunt who has been begging me for a family picture for a while now for my grandma's memory scrapbook, but you might have to deal with individual pictures. Or wait until my youngest outgrows his dislike of getting his picture taken- which could be 10 years from now. ;)


Heidi said...

LOL! That looks about right! I love your oldest posing the whole time. I love little girls! :)

Darlene said...

Maybe you could take several pictures and photoshop them together. Technology is a good thing!

Marilyn said...

Ahh, but you see, I am so desperate -- I will even take BAD family shots for this photo album. I just need to get it DONE. It keeps slipping from the number one slot on my "to do" list. Hugs to you -- Jayden just needs more practice, and perhaps dangling a carrot (or toy or candy!) will entice him to stay still for a heartbeat. Good luck, and keep trying!

Jeannette said...

Absolutely Hysterical. Love it.

Korky's Mom said...

LOL! These photos are fantastic!