Monday, December 31, 2012

My year in review Part 4

In July,

We did the usual parades and firework show at the park.  Jayden and Mark stayed at home during the fireworks because neither of them like big crowds, and Jayden isn't fond of loud noises.  But he did enjoy doing sparklers-

The older two had the privilege of being a flower girl and ring bearer in the wedding of their Sunday School teachers.

In August
Mark and I celebrated our 14th anniversary.  Can't believe it's been that long.  
Looking forward to many more...

The older two and I went and camped at a nearby park to watch the meteor shower.  A last minute idea, and I was setting up the tent in the dark, but we had a blast!

And my baby started Kindergarten!  

He's full-inclusion in his classroom- and just pulled out for Speech therapy.  He has Occupational therapy, but they come in the classroom to work with him, so he can still continue to be a part of the class.  He has a great aide that helps him and another boy in the class, and she is great about communicating how his day went, so that is a big relief to me.  He is doing well in school, and is in the 1st grade level reading group.

We started school with the older two in September

Age-wise, Kyrie is in 4th grade, and Isaiah is in 3rd.  Kyrie is doing 7th grade pre-Algebra, and Isaiah is doing 5th grade math this year.  They were both a year ahead in Language Arts last year, but after our car accident, I took things a bit slower, so they are finishing up at grade level.  The on-line school is allowing me to do their Science and History together, which makes it much easier on me- not having to teach the same subject twice.  

The kids started getting busy in scouting again

I helped my friend celebrate the last birthday she would celebrate, because she was dying of cancer.
She was so vibrant and full of life at the party.  It was hard to believe that she was dying.

Kyrie and Isaiah started playing soccer.  They loved it!

And the biggest event in September?  We got a new family member!
There was a litter of puppies down the street that Kyrie(and the rest of us) had fallen in love with.  We didn't have plans to get another dog so soon, and all the puppies had homes.  The person taking care of the puppies was going to keep Yuki.  Kyrie continued to go and play with the puppies when they were outside every day, and the owner informed us that he was going to be leaving for boot camp soon, and his wife didn't want to be raising a puppy while he was away.  Would we like to keep Yuki?   Well, it didn't take long for us to make that decision!

This cute little thing joined our family on September 26th.  We're in love- even though we had to go through all the nuances of a puppy.  It was like having a newborn- getting up in the middle of the night, and a toddler- potty training, pulling things out of her mouth and keeping her out of trouble- all over again.  

Well, that's it for tonight.  Hopefully the last installment will be finished tomorrow before we ring in the new year!

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