Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amy Roloff

I had the awesome pleasure of listening to Amy Roloff speak on campus tonight. She's a great woman- very down to earth. She told us about how she was raised. Her parents didn't make any special accommodations for her. She had to learn how to adapt to the big world herself. I was also surprised to hear her say that she didn't like PCness(except, of course, in the case of cruelty towards others). She said people try to say things in the nicest way- often ignoring the elephant in the room.

I'm really thankful that the Disability Awareness Association at WSU was able to bring her in to bring awareness to not just her disability, but to others, too. I was very fortunate to get in. I sat in the third row. They had to turn away a lot of people- even with the good sized auditorium we were seated in. If you've never seen Little People, Big World, you can watch some episodes on TLC.com.

I must say that I was a little annoyed when they turned down the lights and brought her in, and everyone started flashing their cameras while she was speaking. It was really distracting. They had the lights on for the Q and A part, and people were taking pictures then. That was a lot less distracting. I'm sure Amy appreciated being blinded by all the flashes. Maybe she's used to it. You would think they would ask for no flash photography. Another thing that got me was some lady in front, who should have just taken a video of the whole program. She had her camera on to take multiple frames, so all through the program we heard, "Beep. click,click,click. Beep. Click, click, click."

Also, the people behind me chatting the whole time. The guy commenting about how she came to his class and saying,"Oh, this is a good story. She told this one in our class today." Thanks. I'm sure I'd like to be able to listen to her story.

And I guess people need to be reminded all the time to turn their cell phones off. The movie theatres do, so apparently everywhere else needs a big sign to turn off cell phones. Sorry. Big pet peeve of mine.

In other news, Mark got a really nice printer to review:

It's a Lexmark X7675 Professional. It's wireless. I can't wait to try printing out my pictures on it. I still haven't found the USB cord for my camera, but this printer will upload the pictures from the camera card, so there is hope for me yet! I should be posting some old pictures that I've been wanting to share soon!

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Katie said...

How awesome that you got to see her! She always seems like a great mother on the show, letting her kids be kids and learn from their own mistakes.