Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Busy Mom Day

Yesterday was a bit more chaotic than usual. Jayden found some crayons and decided to show off his artistic ability by drawing on several walls and the front door.

This is a perfect tool for getting rid of pretty much any stray mark made by small children.

Later on, my kitchen became likened unto this skating rink. I was cooking some platanos earlier, and put the oil back on top of the fridge. I went to the freezer to pull out some ice cream for dessert, and the bottle fell down, lid came off, oil all over the floor. I was trying to keep our dog from licking it up, when my youngest came toddling in and slipped on the oil, bonking his head on the linoleum.
So, I put the dog outside, pulled an ice pack out of the freezer for my poor child's noggin, and when all was calm, I dished out ice cream and started a bath for the oily youngster. I managed to get most of the oil cleaned up off the floor, but it is still a bit slippery. On the other hand, Jayden's hair is very soft and silky!

So that was a few of the events that happened yesterday to make it a very busy mommy day!


Alison Douglass Photography said...

Love the magic erasers- saved me more times than I can count! How do you get oil off the floor other than using Dawn?

wholarmor said...

Lots of Dawn and a few days of that. Our floor was pretty slick for a few days. It has eventually gone back to normal. ;)