Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life in my New Home(cont.)

The last couple of days have blurred together, so this will probably end up being a random rambling.

Kyrie has been enjoying her stay here so far. We haven't met any of the neighbor kids- though Mark's mom says there are a few. It seems like they must stay inside most of the time- very different from our old neighborhood where the kids played and rode their bikes up and down the street. Right now she just plays in the yard and driveway on the scooter or trike, but can ride down the smooth-paved hill next to us under Mom's or Grandma's watchful eye. She got to meet some new friends today when we went swimming at MIL's club swimming pool. It was a nice day for a swim with very warm weather! We've also been finishing up her school work. She still has until the 17th to go, but we've finished most of her lessons. We still have her Math to work on since she finished 1st and 2nd grade math this school year and they sent us 3rd grade math to start on.

Jayden has been fairing well with the changes. He did seem to sleep a lot the last couple of days, though. Today was a fairly normal day as far as sleeping routines go. When we went to the pool, he was pretty fussy in the wading pool. I decided to take him into the big pool, and he LOVED that! He was actually trying to paddle and kick, and he would jump in from the side of the pool over and over and over again.

I got a call from Mark last night. Isaiah really missed me and wanted to talk to me. He was crying- which nearly broke my heart in two. He sounds so tiny on the phone, so that makes it even worse. By the end of our call, he was doing better. I assured him that he would be coming to see us in a few more days. He was sleeping on our old futon in the boys' old room, and Mark was on the floor sleeping on Jayden's crib mattress the first night until Mark realized how much better it would be if they switched around. Padme decided that there was room to share with Isaiah on the mattress, so she snuggled herself right into Isaiah on that mattress. I wish Mark had taken a picture!

Yesterday Kyrie and I snuck out to Fred Meyers while Jayden was taking a nap and MIL was here to keep an ear out for him. We needed to get swimsuits because I had packed them in boxes, but forgot to take those boxes with me. Story of my life. Anyway, on our way home from the store, I had passed the street to turn on, so we went down a bit further. I figured I could make my way around the lake since we had walked around it a few times before. Instead, I ended up on a scenic route by the Sound. It was a very pretty detour. There's something that made me glad I moved over here. I really love the green trees and the ocean. We DID eventually make it back home(though Kyrie caught on to the fact that we were going around in circles). Made it home in time to get Jayden up from his nap and make dinner.

I'm not sure when we'll be getting our wireless connection. Tried to talk to MIL about it today, and she says she'll call tomorrow, but I think she's hoping for Mark to be here before they come. I tried to tell her that I can help deal with things, but secretly, I would rather Mark be here to help, too. I sure miss that man.

Well, that's my novel for tonight. Hope I didn't bore you to death. Goodnight!

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Shellie Paparazzo said...

Definitely not bored. I love hearing what's going on. I probably bore everyone with my constant rambling about the same things over and over again.