Friday, October 23, 2009


Moments like this make my heart melt. Jayden has started losing his afternoon naps(NOOOOOOOOOO!), but every now and then I will find him snoozing(Mark calls it "taking a snuzzle"-important to note that "snuzzle" is not a verb) on the floor when he is just too tired to stay awake. I found Kyrie patting his head today, and I had to go run and get the camera and try not to disrupt the sweetness.

Today the kids and I took a walk with Grandma to the salon so she could get her hair cut. The kids always enjoy going along and playing with the little toys they keep in the corner. A song came on the radio, and Kyrie asks,"Do you know what song this is?"
"It's 21 Guns. I've heard it a few times lately."
"On the I-Pod?"
"No, on VH1."
My almost seven year old is already into the music video scene. Maybe I should be worried? Actually, she will sometimes wake up early in the morning and watch the Beatles on VH1. My friend Kimberly(ultimate Beatles fan) would be proud!


Jeannette said...

So cute! Snuzzle should be a verb. It's fun to say.

Shellie Paparazzo said...

I agree. Snuzzle should definitely be a verb! Although, it doesn't look very active. But sleep is a verb right, and it's not very active!

Marilyn said...

So very sweet. It's good to capture and remember these moments!