Monday, October 26, 2009

My 7 year old

Best friends: The old ones in Pullman, and her new ones- Sarah, Amelia, Frances, Ellie and Lily

favorite food: candy(Almond Joy and White chocolate Kit Kat), Hamburger Helper for dinner, ham and cheese sandwiches and favorite cereal is Fruit Rings(dry with no milk).

favorite toys: Littlest Pet Shop, Hello Kitty, Polly Pocket(any tiny little girl toys that are easy to suck up in a vacuum!), the Leapfrog Didj

favorite subject:Science

favorite activities: playing with friends, sleepovers, playing in the PlayPlace at McDonalds, going to the store

dislikes: when Mommy has to get dirt out of my fingernails


Shellie Paparazzo said...

How sweet! What a darling little girl! She's the same age as my sweet little Chloe.

Marilyn said...

You're so good to notate all the information! She's a sweetie!

Lara said...

Aww! Happy birthday (maybe?)!!! She is adorable, and I love how you documented everything.

And I think her dislike is hilarious!

AlohaAroha said...

So cute!