Saturday, October 31, 2009


That's what Jayden managed to get out tonight after he started getting the hang of Trick-or-Treating. Even though I carried him pretty much all over the place(I'm going to have Amazon Woman Arms thanks to this kid), he liked climbing up the stairs and going to the doors and knocking on them. He scored several full size candy bars! He was even polite and said,"Thank you!" and "buh-bye"(though he still has a very soft voice with people he doesn't know). We also went out this afternoon to downtown where the businesses were handing out candy, too. They had a parade of costumed dogs, and I thought this one was the best. Of course, I might be biased toward Chocolate Labs. They had a weiner dog race after the parade, too, but we missed it because Jayden was getting fussy.

You might notice two kids missing from these pictures. Kyrie is still sick and has a fever. Isaiah had a fever of 101 today, too. Bummer for them, but we rented the new Tinkerbell movie(RedBox is awesome!) and we got plenty of candy from Jayden's efforts alone to last this household a LONG time. Must have self control...Must have self control...Must have self control...


glitzen said...

Cute cute! I love Dalmatians and used to have them. Adorable costume.

We did a doggie costume contest, and used my sis in laws Chocolate Lab, too! We dressed him up as a miniature horse.

Lara said...

Awww, what a cute little dalmatian! I needed him with me on Halloween, because I went as Cruella. :)

I'm sorry your other two were sick. That stinks to have to miss Halloween. Hope they're feeling better quickly!