Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sleep Talking

I don't know if Kyrie is always like this in her sleep, or maybe when she is just sick with a high fever, but she has been talking in her sleep.

Tonight she sat up and asked me to help her stand up. So I did. I asked her if she wanted help getting to the bathroom. "No."
"What do you want,then?"
"What's 10 +10?"(by the way, she's in 3rd grade Math, and certainly knows the answer to this. ;))
She points to my finger. "I need 20 of those."
"20 fingers?"
"I need 20 fingers."

Then she lay down again and she looked at me and smiled. "Never mind," she says."I love you." Then she closes her eyes and starts mumbling incoherently.

Fever is down to 99 degrees now. I hope we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

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Nancy said...

I hope so too. Yucky stuff is going around. Stay well and healthy. Blessings...