Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day

I'm not as super green as some people I know, but I try to do my part by recycling, using the reusable shopping bags, unplugging things when I'm not using them, etc. But today I thought I would get the kids into the spirit of Earth Day. We decided that we would leave the t.v. off and unplugged today. I made a little sign and hung it on the t.v. to remind the kids not to turn it on when they woke up in the morning. Kyrie had the idea of everyone wearing green.

I didn't find it too difficult to change our usual habits a bit. We got started on Math right away and the kids had a little free time to play before we took off for Bible Study. Mark walked to the church to meet us in order for us to eat lunch at McDonalds since he was going to meet a buyer of one of his E-Bay sales there. We came home and started on school work again. Our science lessons today conveniently focused on the Earth and conservation and pollution. I reminded the kids why we have Earth Day and how we can make every day Earth Day. We went outside and planted a tree in the yard. I forget what kind of tree it is, but my friend informed me that it will help suck up some of the water that accumulates in our yard sometimes.

Late in the afternoon the kids and I went on a field trip with some other homeschoolers. We went to Ferdinand's for ice cream. We made it there right before it closed, so we didn't get to watch them make cheese or anything, but the ice cream was pretty good. We grabbed our cones and headed over to the Entomology Lab at the university. We got a quick lesson on some different bugs. Our instructor brought out the tarantula, and Isaiah was brave enough to touch it(he is usually TERRIFIED of spiders). I held a hissing cockroach(though it didn't do much hissing). It tickled my hand as it scurried across. I tried to get a good picture, but the one in the slide show is the best I got. The thing moved fast!

We did plug in the t.v. again when we got back. Mark had borrowed some movies from the library, and the kids wanted to watch one. We watched Aliens in the Attic. I guess that could count as an Earth Day activity, right? The Aliens wanted to take over our green earth. ;)

So Earth Day is officially over, but we will continue to incorporate the things that we've been practicing and continue to make everyday Earth Day.

In honor of Earth Day check out The Earth From Above:A selection of photos from the world's premier aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand There are some amazing photos!


Michelle Ann said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! You could suggest that the tv is off and unplugged until after dinner each day. I actually like that idea. I think we may do that. :)

Jeannette said... cream.....oh that looks so good! Thanks for the post. Sounds like a fun day! I love the idea your daughter had to wear green. That really shouldn't be reserved for just St. Patty's day.