Saturday, July 25, 2009

Reluctant Little Fish

Another trip to the pool yesterday. Things went a little differently than our past trips. Normally, Kyrie has been very timid and afraid of doing anything besides hanging on to the pool noodle and the wall in the shallow end of the pool. I told Kyrie that since we were starting swimming lessons next week, she should practice jumping in to me. That was the last thing she wanted to do. Reluctantly, she jumped into me, but only if I was holding her hands. I started to think that the $50 investment for her to take lessons might not be such a great idea. After a while, I decided to play a game with her of counting our fingers underwater because we had goggles on. At first, she didn't want to stick her face in the water because she didn't want water up her nose or in her ears, but after a while, she became more daring. So I took it a little further by having her come underwater with me to make funny faces. She was enjoying that.

Soon she became really comfortable in the water, so I told her that if she could put her face in the water, it would help her swim. Goodbye, pool noodle! Soon she was doing the doggie paddle on her own! A little 5 year old girl came up and started showing off for Kyrie, and peer pressure worked! She was jumping off the side of the pool all by herself! Next thing I know, her friend is teaching her cannonballs!

I wish I had my video camera with me. My heart was beaming as she grew in this new milestone! I'm thinking of investing in a disposable underwater camera. Kyrie was so cute with her underwater antics.

Isaiah, who has been the bold one in the water in past trips, suddenly regressed and spent most of his time on the lounge chairs complaining how cold he was. I hope he does okay at swim lessons! Maybe it will be better to have someone besides mom as the teacher.

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