Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Fun!

Today as we were driving to the pool, my husband made the observation that we hadn't taken the kids swimming a single time last summer, and that we seemed to be making up for lost time this summer. One of the perks I can say that I enjoy about living here is the opportunity we have to use the Rainer Golf and Country Club pool because my mother-in-law has a membership and can get us in for free. It helps that we've pretty much had beautiful weather this summer. Not too hot, and hardly any rain(now that I've said that, the showers are going to start and never end ;)). I think it's funny that people in Seattle melt in 85 degree temperatures.

The pictures I am about to share are from a prior trip to the pool because I didn't have Jayden with me then, so I was free to take pictures of the kids without worrying about chasing a two year old around the pool. He enjoys the pool for a little while, but he would much rather run around the perimeter- picking up items and throwing them in. He also likes to point out the different numbers they have to measure the depths of the pool, and to identify all the letters that are on the "No Diving" tiles. Since he didn't have a nap today, he lasted for about half an hour before I picked him up, dropped his pool toys and goggles(he LOVES to wear goggles) in the bin and carried him out the gate(where he immediately stopped crying). I figured I would spare the rest of the pool patrons from having to listen to his screeches. Mark's aunt assured me that he would soon be three and things would be better, lol. Fortunately, we took two cars so the older kids got to stay and play while Jayden got his much needed nap.

Kyrie likes looking underwater with her goggles on!

Isaiah tries to keep warm under the towel!

I'll peek out long enough for a picture if you really want me to.

The pool noodles really help give the kids the confidence they need to "swim."

Grandma likes to sit and read her finance magazines(although, she did get in the pool today).

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