Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cattle Farm Fieldtrip

About a month or so ago, we were studying Farming in Science. I was really pleased when I found out that a local group of homeschoolers were going out on a field trip to a cattle ranch. It ended up being really crazy with A LOT of kids. There was talk of letting the kids ride horses, but there were over 40 kids, and I didn't want to hang out and wait forever for the kids to ride for 2 minutes. They've been on horses before. It was nice to get some real-life experience of what we had been reading about. I was hoping that we could go to a wheat or lentil farm and experience harvesting, but looks like that won't happen now. I'm sure we'll find some great places to go in Seattle for field trips, though! Kyrie was excited to wear her cowgirl boots and she got to ride up front on the hayride by the horses. A little girl's dream!


Michelle Ann said...

Once you are in Seattle, you can hop on the Ferry to Bremerton, and right there by the Ferry terminal is the USS Turner Joy, a retired Navy Battle Ship, and the Naval Museum, along with the newer park that has fountains that look like the top of submarines. Then you could hop in a car and drive out to Keyport and go to another Naval museum, plus I believe there are a lot of other things that you can do on the Penninsula, like go up to Poulsbo and get a little history into the Norwegian way of life, and then venture up to the Suquamish and Sk'alam tribes for some Native American History, then head a little farther north to Port Gamble for some history of what it was like to live on the Kitsap Penninsula before there were bridges. Then you can head out to Point No Point to a light house and beach that has some history and markers and such that tell you the history of the Point No Point. But with all that to do you may want to make it a few field trips. If you planned these trips after August, Thaddeus and I could join you, and you could always head towards the Narrows and visit friends that live in the Gig Harbor area! I have access to the Shipyard now, and I also have a couple of friends that are still stationed on the Stennis (an aircraft carrier) that I might be able to see if they could arrange for you to go on a tour of the Stennis. That one though I am not to sure about.

Erin J said...

Sounds fun! Since my in-laws live on a farm I have no doubt we'll get to experience plenty of farm life. But the kids always do enjoy it!

Shellie Paparazzo said...

My parents have a ranch and my grandpa has a wheat farm, so I'm a little too familiar with farm life to find it fun or interesting, but it is important for all kids to know where there food comes from. It doesn't just magically appear in the grocery store like too many seem to grow up believing.