Saturday, May 30, 2009

Two Steps Forward, Two Back

Packing is a never-ending chore. Words cannot describe how much I am loathing it right now. A yard sale, 3 dump runs, 4 Goodwill trips, numerous recycling runs, and I'm still finding stuff that I don't want to go with us!

It also doesn't help to pack when you have little ones who like to "help" by pulling things out of boxes that you just packed. I had a box of socks that I was throwing all the mismatched socks into, and Jayden liked to climb in and throw them out, which made the older two want to join in with him! I try to pack during nap time as much as possible.

So tomorrow, we wake up bright and early and try to make it to church on time so we can say goodbye *sniff* and have everyone pray for us. I'm bringing a box of tissues with me. Already crying just thinking about it.

Then we'll come home for lunch, help our friend move the rest of his stuff over here and load up the van with as much as we can get in. It will be only Kyrie and Jayden and I, so we'll be able to have the backseat down and hopefully fit a lot of stuff. Seeing all the boxes we have, I'm not too confident that the moving van that Mark is renting will be big enough. If all else fails, we will leave some stuff behind. Good thing we're renting to a friend.

And Padme WILL be staying here. As much as we'll miss her, I think it's for the best if she stays with our friend and enjoys her space outside to rest and bask in the sun and sleep in the shade.

Then it's to Seattle-hoping to leave around 5-where we will unpack stuff and wait for Mark and Isaiah to come up with the rest in a week.


Cynthia said...

Good luck to you guys. I remember moving back home to Utah from Oregon. It was so hard to get everything packed up and ready. The U-Haul broke down halfway through the river gorge and everything was just a huge pain. Hopefully your move goes much better!

Enjoy the new scenery and experiences.

Shellie Paparazzo said...

Oh, man. I can't believe you're already gone. It went way too fast. Sorry, I didn't get on here sooner. It was a busy weekend. Tons of family and our anniversary and getting ready for all the kids end of the school year celebrations and things this week. And just getting ready to have them home again full-time.