Monday, May 25, 2009

Kyrie's New Trick

I thought I had this post all typed out and posted, but I don't see it, so I guess I'll have to do it again...

Kyrie has taught herself how to ride a two-wheeler! I feel kind of let down in a way because she didn't need any help from us. She just hopped on the bike that her friend had and took off like a fish in water! We missed out on capturing the moment where her daddy holds on to the back of the bike while Mom records them as he lets go and she wobbles down the road and perhaps falls into the nearest bush.

She did come show off her new talent to me, but by the time I went in and found the camera(downside of packing and moving- can't find a thing!), her friend had reclaimed their bike and had gone home.

Have you seen the commercial where the mom lost the pictures on the computer of her son's milestones, so she sticks the tween in a crib, feeds him from the high chair, puts him on a little bike with a tiny helmet, and gets footage of him playing in the bathtub? I'm thinking that I'm going to have to resort to the same measures- just for the mere fact that my camera isn't around when I need it!

So this brings me back to my first memories of learning to ride a bike. I got my first two wheeler with a banana seat for Christmas when we lived in the big, rolling hills of the Bay Area. My aunt tried to help me balance by sitting behind me(thank goodness for banana seats), while I pedalled. That didn't last long, as I was terrified of losing control on the steep hill, and I wasn't really strong enough to move the two of us. The next time I got on a bike was at my cousins' house. One of my cousins had broken her arm, so she held on to the back of my seat with her good arm, and ran behind me- trying to keep me upright. At one point, she had let go, and I was doing okay for about 10 feet, but then crashed into the fence and scraped myself up pretty bad.

That kind of ended the bike-riding deal for me until the following summer when I was visiting my cousins and they all took off on their bikes. I wanted to go with them, so I went ahead and jumped on a bike and started to pedal. To my surprise, I was able to stay upright and then I was a bike-riding fool all that summer!

Happy Memorial Day to all!


Erin J said...

I missed out on a lot when we were moving too. Lately I have been forgetting my camera at home, too (bonfire, for instance). But in a way it's good because it forces me to tell it as a story instead of relying all on pictures.

Shellie Paparazzo said...

I still can't ride a bike very well. I can't ride it straight, so I can't ride in town. I'm all over the place trying to stay upright. For years I didn't have a camera and couldn't afford one, so there are a lot years missing from my kids lives.

Cynthia said...

Yeah for Kyrie! A whole new world is open to her now. We're trying to get our youngest to ride but she just isn't picking up on the whole balance aspect. We live by a bike trail and we'd love for the whole family to go on a ride but she just isn't ready to ride in anything but the kid cart for that outing.

cirocco said...

You've done such a beautiful job capturing the kids' childhood milestones--don't flagellate yourself too much for missing this one. You can miss 10% of any assignment and still get an A, right?

What a fearless girl you've got. I didn't master cycling until I was much older. Balancing is tricky and pavement hurts!