Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Well, I survived the five and a half days at my MIL's house. I realize how badly I'm addicted to high-speed internet when I go there. She currently has AOL "top-speed"(puh-leeze) dial-up, and it's sooooooo slow. I didn't even bother getting on-line from her computer while I was there. I managed to get a few hours of "me time" by taking Mark's laptop to the library and using their Wi-Fi. I also browsed a bit and checked my e-mail from my phone. We've been trying to talk her into getting a DSL or Cable connection for several years now(as has my sister-in-law), but my MIL is very set in her ways, and she doesn't want to spend more than the $12 a month she's spending now.

Since internet connection is essential to Mark's free-lancing business and Kyrie's homeschooling, we have talked her into getting connected by offering to pay the extra amount it would cost per month.

Speaking of MIL set in her ways, we had a little pow-wow talking about how everything will go down when we move into her basement apartment. We mentioned needing to use her bathtub upstairs for the kids, and she said that was do-able. Mark says,"How about letting Kris use the tub to take a bath maybe once every three days."
"No, you guys have a shower downstairs. You can use that. That's too much to ask. Why does she need to use my bathtub?"

"Because she likes to relax in a hot bath every now and then!" Actually, I like relaxing in a hot bath so much, I often fall asleep in the tub, lol.

Did I mention how small the shower is downstairs? I guess it does the job to get me clean! When our sister heard about the negotiations, she told me that I could come to her apartment in Seattle and take a bath anytime. She threw in the offer of watching the kids and providing the luxury soaps and bath bombs. ;)

So we negotiated. Once a week. Mark took a bath the other night, and I joked that he had used his quota for the month. I think MIL's concern is that a bath uses more water than a shower. She's kind of a spend-thrift when it comes to saving on things like that. She also keeps her house super cold to save on energy costs. Doesn't like to dry things in the dryer. Buys us gifts from the thrift-store. You get the picture. She does spend money on things that we don't, though- like golf country club membership and trips and cruises and stuff. She also has full access cable(which I'm glad she does. I miss TLC and other channels).

Back to the pow-wow. We have determined that we will basically spend most of our time downstairs unless she wishes to have some time together. We'll eat our own food and live our own lives and try to stay out of each others' hair. Fortunately, there are a lot of nice parks and things to do in the Seattle area, so I can get the kids out of the house.

I'm not sure what we are going to do about our dog, Padme. MIL is paranoid that she will somehow escape our apartment and go after one of her cats. And she doesn't want us to keep her outside in the yard for fear of Padme digging up a plant(although, Padme isn't in the digging phase). Mark has plans to take her for a walk every morning and let her do her business, but every time she wants to go outside, we'll have to take her on a leash, stand there while she does her business, and pick it up right away. We did this while we lived in the temporary apartment when we were fixing up our place after our pipes froze and burst, but it wasn't the best of times.

Also, Padme is getting old, and I worry about being able to care for her and her potential upcoming problems- especially in the financial department. And when we start looking for a place to live(apart from Mom), it will be difficult to find a place that accepts dogs. I'm so torn. She is a big part of our family. Our first child, so-to-speak. I'm sure it will be just as hard to part from her when she dies, but I want to do what's best for her.

I wanted to post pictures from our trip, but I'm afraid Mark left the camera at Mom's. :P Just know that it wasn't all too bad of a trip. The kids got to go to the beach a couple of times. Kyrie enjoyed playing on her new scooter(and she's very good at it!). Jayden enjoyed playing with
this obnoxious, but fun toy that Great Grandma gave to the kids a couple of years ago, and we left it at Grandma's so we wouldn't have to put up with it too much. ;) There's also a talking Elmo that stays at Grandma's. That was given to Kyrie by Great Aunt Marcia when she was two or three, and that toy has batteries that will never die, lol.

Whew. If you've made it thus far, kudos. Lots to talk about and think about. I haven't touched on all my thoughts and worries, but I should go dish up my son some ice cream as I promised.

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krippee said...

WE love that toy, an absolute hit at the birthday party last year. Children all all ages love, love, love it.