Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to School Prep

Washington Virtual Academy doesn't officially start until the 9th, but I've been trying to ease the kids back into school mode since they are used to being able to do whatever they want all day long. I've been having them do Math and Reading each day. So far it's going okay. I'm starting to realize how much harder it will be to have Isaiah officially doing school this year. When I'm helping one, the other one needs help.

I got all the curriculum for both kids now. Isaiah's came the other day. I have a feeling that we're just going to have to send it back because they didn't do the testing during the enrollment process like they did with Kyrie where she was able to test into 1st grade Math and Language Arts. Isaiah is at the same place Kyrie was when she started last year, but they sent me the Kindergarten curriculum, and supposedly the teacher will give us the test to determine where he is when school starts. Which means it will be a week or so before the new curriculum comes. I still have Kyrie's workbooks from 1st grade Math(we got her curriculum late last year and mostly did on-line stuff at first), so Isaiah has been working in that for the last week.

The other day I took them to the library while Jayden was napping(one of the perks of Mark working from home) and we did school work there. Kyrie and Isaiah also received their final prize for completing 1000 hours of reading this summer. At the half-way point they got a free coupon for Pizza Hut, and this time they got an art kit with paint, markers, colored pencils, pastels, etc. They were thrilled!

Mommy got her own reading time in while Isaiah played on the computers and Kyrie cracked open her new art kit.

Isaiah worked on subtraction.

Kyrie did multi-step word problems.


Michelle Ann said...

How neat!

Sorry for the late response, but I would most definately love to get together with you while I am out here in Washington. Thaddeus and I are here until the end of February beginning of March.

Shellie Paparazzo said...

Wow! You are one ambitious mom! I personally can't wait to get my kids out of my hair for a while at school. They go back on Wednesday. We still haven't bought their supplies. I hope we get a chance tomorrow, so they have them the first day of school.

Marissa said...

My girls go back to school this week. I love that you have the patience to teach yours. I find that to be an amazingly hard job. Kudos to you!!!

Turtle Taylor said...

Virtual academy? We've got one of those here, and I've been thinking about it. Very cool. Loving the reading awards - the craft kit is awesome!